CMS | Newsletter | April 2018

CMS Newsletter – April 2018

Dear Reader,

We are pleased to bring you the latest legal news in our April issue, which contains updates on retail and consumer products, banking and finance, competition, healthcare, employment and Luxembourg law.

Please also check out the new book to be published soon by Larcier, “Jaarboek Omgevingsrecht”, edited by our colleague Gregory Verhelst, specialist in environmental law. The book covers various topics on environmental law, including the environmental permit for the parcelling of land.

Finally, we would like to welcome you to our Real Estate Campus and Public Procurement seminars taking place soon at our Brussels office. For more information and to register, see the News section below.

We hope you have an enjoyable read.

Tom Heremans
Managing Partner

CMS News

New book coming soon:



Jaarboek Omgeving TeRecht 2017

This book (in Dutch), edited by CMS environmental law specialist, Gregory Verhelst, covers a number of carefully selected environmental law topics, such as the recent evolutions regarding the environmental permit for the parcelling of land, the changes to the Soil Decree and the case law concerning mobile phone masts.

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Upcoming seminars:

26 April 2018:                       


Real Estate Campus 2018 (FR/NL), CMS Brussels

29 May 2018:    


Lunch marchés publics: Les modifications en cours de marché | Lunch Overheidsopdrachten: Wijzigingen tijdens de uitvoering van de opdracht (FR/NL), CMS Brussels

Retail & Consumer Products

• No more unjustified geo-blocking in the EU
As of 3 December 2018, unjustified geo-blocking will no longer be allowed in the EU, th...
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• Bail commercial de courte durée - Décret wallon du 15 mars 2018
Ce 28 mars 2018, le décret wallon du 15 mars 2018 relatif au bail commercial de ...
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Banking & Finance

• Initial coin offerings (ICOs) in Belgium: where do we stand?
Amid the lexicon of hyped terms such as “blockchain” and “cryptocurre...
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Competition & EU

• European Commission imposes fine of 254 million on capacitor cartel
On 21 March 2018, the European Commission fined eight Japanese capacitor suppliers &eur...
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• Public consultation on common rules for the operation of EU air carriers in the internal aviation market
On 15 March 2018, the European Commission launched a public consultation on Regulation ...
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• NGOs can ask the Commission to review its decision on genetically modified feed and food
The General Court decided in its decision of 14 March 2018 that non-governmental organi...
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• Het juridisch kader voor de oprichting van ziekenhuisnetwerken wordt realiteit
Ter navolging van haar conceptuele nota van 18 mei 2017, heeft minister van Sociale Zak...
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• Binnenkort zal dezelfde laagvariabele zorg voor elke patiënt in elk ziekenhuis een identieke prijs kennen
De ministerraad heeft tijdens haar vergadering op 30 maart 2018 het voorontwerp van wet...
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Employment & Pensions

• Shorter notice periods for early part of employment contracts
The Act of 26 March 2018 regarding the strengthening of economic growth and social cohe...
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• The legislator introduces an obligation of consultation on disconnection and using digital communication
As workers are increasingly connected, including outside normal working hours, blurring...
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• NSSO limits favourable social security treatment of options and warrants
As mentioned in our March 2018 newsletter, the tax ruling commission clarified that, to...
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• A new IP regime in Luxembourg
The bill of Law n°7163 implementing the new tax regime applicable to intellectua...
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