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Chances are you have heard or read about it. Earlier this month, the statistics were published: fewer businesses went bankrupt in the first half of 2014.
Finally, after over five years of economic hardship, even well-run companies have gotten into trouble; tribunals are feeling the pressure of overseeing countless bankruptcy matters (both genuine and fraudulent ones), unemployment is high and fewer entrepreneurs are willing to risk starting a business.
The late payment of invoices is one of those things that can push a business over the edge. The situation, however, seems to be improving: only 1 in 3 invoices is now being paid late.
Companies of all sizes need to remain vigilant for themselves and with regard to their key business partners. Many difficulties can be resolved when addressed early. This is where we can help.
At the same time, the number of start-ups has increased nationally. There are marked regional differences: an increase in Flanders, no change in Brussels and a drop in Wallonia.
Supporting entrepreneurship at every stage should be an area of attention for our governments.
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September | 2014

Intellectual Property & Technology

> Noms de domaine : les extensions .brussels/.vlaanderen disponibles depuis le 1er septembre 2014
> De wet marktpraktijken is te streng op het vlak van prijsverminderingen

Corporate and M&A

> Goede trouw van zaakvoerder telt mee bij aansprakelijkheid voor niet-betaalde sociale bijdragen in geval van failliete bvba
> The procedure for abolishment of bearer securities will enter into its next phase on 1 January 2015

Real Estate & Construction

> La matière des baux commerciaux au regard des nouvelles compétences du Tribunal de commerce
> Les hôtels européens semblent avoir la cote auprès des investisseurs, malgré les récents défis auxquels le secteur est confronté

Competition & EU

> EUR 138,000,000 fine for a cartel between smart card chip producers
> Méthode de calcul des amendes pour infractions au droit de la concurrence

Public Procurement & PPP

> Balance des intérêts
> La Chancellerie publie une circulaire sur l'articulation entre la responsabilité solidaire pour les dettes salariales, sociales et fiscales et la réglementation des marchés publics

Employment & Pensions

> Een concurrentiebeding voor een werknemer
> Enfin, des précisions en matière de reclassement professionnel dans la Commission Paritaire n°218!


> Law for the immobilisation of bearer shares and units in Luxembourg : a short analysis
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